Day 4
December 21, 2008, 1:53 am
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“Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.”

I soooo agree with that quote by Alphonse de Lamartine. It’s been only 3 days since Siddique left, and I miss him like hell. I’ve never ever missed someone this much. I┬áhope he’s having a good time out there in India with all the wedding food and fun. ­čśÇ

I’m B.O.A.R.D. And so, I’ve started with my Entrepreneurship final business plan for the online supermarket. I’ve only been contributing about 5% to it each day. The remaining 95% is going to Pet Society. I have to agree with the fact that it’s a pretty LAME game, but it helps to kill my boredom for the time being. It’s kinda exciting to play with a virtual pet. Haha.┬áSo, if you have facebook, get started with creating your own pet NOW!!!!!

I’m in no mood to do my projects yet. Siddique usually helps me with all my projects. It feels odd to be doing a project without him now. He has at least been there to motivate me and to check on my progress now and then. And now, I’m all to myself.


It has been aeons
December 19, 2008, 7:34 pm
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It’s been long ah. Well…I’m back for good and to write more. I miss blogging.

I’ve been feeling emotionally unwell for the past few days. Hence, I found writing as the best solution. I’m not going to pen down why I’ve been feeling down lately. It’s not going to make me any better, because, eventually, I have to end up reading what I wrote and it only make me even more miserable.

I do write how I feel here, but if it’s too personal, I literally use a pen and paper to write. It’s usually in a form of letter to someone. I might keep those letters for some days, and finally tear it into pieces and blow it in the air. I call it my ‘writing therapy’. Haha. This so-called therapy of mine really helps me to cope up with my emotions and understand patterns of life.

Enough. Now….the reason why I went M.I.A from blogging. TThe past 2 school semesters have been keeping me VERY busy. I didn’t even have time for the boyfriend last sem…(making uo it now…hehe). I didn’t even sleep for a period of 5 days while doing my Web Portal and Development Project (WPDP) last semester. I had to redesign Keppel Fels’s website. I had more of those Internet┬áprogramming projects. Dual-Boot projects. Assignments after assignments. And even before we could breathe after our projects, came our exams and again the sleepless nights begun. Argh. Studying is sure not an easy thing. Even though I complained everyday, I loved each and every module I did┬álast semester. This semester….I’ve been complaining a lot. Most of my modules are based on NETWORKING!!! I hate networking. (Stupid routers, hubs & switches. Argh!) I’ve no clue what I’m doing, but I’ve been scoring over 90% for all my networking modules. Thank GOD there isn’t any project other then a presentation for my Networking modules. Entrepreneurship and Animation modules are the only reasons for me to look forward to school everyday.

I’ve just finished my school Common Tests (only 2) and I’m having a break till the 29th. (“,) I’m pretty sure to see A(s) for my papers! I’ve worked hard.

Siddique is not in Singapore!!!!!!!!!!! Argh!!!!!!! I had to charge my handphone regularly everyday. And now, I’ve not charged it for the past 2 days and my phone battery is still full. My phone is abandoned in a corner of my room. ­čśŽ I miss Siddique a lot. He’ll only be back on the 31st. Hiaz.

And so, due to extreme boredom, you can see me blogging again. When the boyfriend returns, I might go M.I.A again. Haha ­čśÇ