The Sneaky Semester
March 19, 2008, 8:56 pm
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Apologies for taking so long to update my blog.

Been busy and lazy this period of my absence. So I have been procrastinating alot when it comes to blog writing. Nevertheless, I am back with my updates. =)

Who would have thought that school semesters were actually living entities?

I mean, they look and feel completely harmless to the average student. Who would have suspected? But no…each semester is brimming with life and unique in its own way. Take last semester for example. Thanks to JAVA, the entire semester was like a warzone. You have to keep running and fighting from start to finish, without much rest in between to stop and think.

But this semester was completely different. It played a lot of mind games with me.

Firstly, it led me to think that it was going to be a breeze. The subjects literally required a small amount of assignments, reports, programs and presentations during the first few weeks.

Things started to change before mid-term holidays when there was a sudden outburst of stuff to be done. The sleeping semester had suddenly awakened and it was ANGRY. It demanded total attention and the student was forced to satisfy it’s needs, compromising her health and happiness. This sudden strike has left the student feeling hapless and weakened. This must be it’s way of saying; “always be prepared…never let your guard down…for when I strike…it hurts.”

The exams were killers too of course. Since they were this semester’s secret weapon and the results that I’ve received from them were filled with my own blood. Blood that kinda gushed out from that above-mentioned sudden strike. Gah! What a sneaky semester!

Even until today, the after-shock tremors still haunt me. I just received my semestral results. Not happy at all. Thanks to its sneakiness. However, I have to congragulate myself for my massive improvement compared to last semester. 4 more semesters left to improve my GPA. Haiz.

For now, I’ve a lot of ‘thank-you’ emails to send to my tutors and lecturers for their generous A’s. I’m going to miss Ms.Baker a lot. My Personal Development [Psychology] lecturer plus tutor. The best lecturer I’ve ever come across.

I’m now eagerly awaiting to step into year 2. 🙂