Where do I stand?
June 29, 2007, 4:50 pm
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Yo! I’m back after a week. Work has been so much fun with loads of laughter becuase of the 2 souls beside me!

I can’t believe that it’s Friday today. Monday just seemed to be yesterday and now it Friday. ***Can somebody freeze the CLOCK*** It has been a very busy week and only today, I found myself time touch my lappie for my personal use!

I was as usual aimlessly browsing the net and came to read an interesting article. The Pew Research Centre has released it’s latest survey on bloggers. Whilst by no means a definitive survey of blogging-the survey was conducted within America-PRC surveys may be the best available on blogging.

I’ve listed specific findings which apply to my own experience, to give an idea where I sit in the blogging pecking order…

  • 60% of bloggers are white
  • 54% of bloggers are male
  • 14% of bloggers fall in the 50 to 64 age group
  • 51% of bloggers reside in suburban areas
  • 79% of bloggers have a broadband connection at home
  • 46% blog under their own name.
  • 34% of bloggers consider their blog a form of journalism,
  • 37% of bloggers cite “my life and experiences” as a primary topic of their blog.
  • Only 13% of bloggers post new material every day
  • 87% of bloggers allow comments on their blog
  • 41% of bloggers say they have a blogroll or friends list on their blog
  • 18% of bloggers offer an RSS feed of their blog’s content
  • Relatively small groups of bloggers view blogging as a public endeavor
  • 44% say they have published their writing or media creations elsewhere
  • 10% of bloggers spend ten or more hours per week on their blog
  • 13% of bloggers say that their blog is very important to them, and describe it as a big part of their life
  • The least common reason people blog is to make money
  • 35% say they focus on one topic
  • 53% have just one blog
  • 2% of bloggers use Typepad
  • 80% of bloggers post text to their blog, but nearly as many (72%) display photos
  • another 15% vlogged, or posted video files to their blog
  • long-time bloggers are more likely than newcomers to say they will continue
  • Just 13% of bloggers have more than 100 hits a day, though a handful in this group has much larger traffic levels
  • 9% of bloggers have had their blog mentioned by the news media
  • 35% believe that their readers are mostly people they have never met
  • 16% of bloggers read someone else’s blog three to five days per week

June 22, 2007, 4:47 pm
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This is so not fair. My sisters get to watch Sivaji for the 2nd time. They are going for the show at 6pm, hence, I’m unable to join them! GgGgRrRRr. I’m planning to watch the movie again, but with my mum this time round. I promised to treat her!

The week has just flew by. This might be my last day at work because I need to prepare for my Common Test & I’m still not done with the pile of projects and assignments! I really need to use the next half semester wisely to get my grades. Hence, I have not decided whether to stay for just keep my head stuck with my books!

Getting busy here…got to go…Ba-Bye!!

I’ve finally met “THE BOSS”
June 16, 2007, 8:06 pm
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Boy…Raj always forgets my name and calls me Nazira. Now that he knows that my friends call me NAS, he shall now call me in a name I’m familiar with. [**winkZzzZ**]

Flower also came up with a new nick for me the other day. Strawberry. LOL. I have buddies calling me in all sorts of weird names!

Whew!!! I’ve finally catched up with Sivaji. It’s a must see! The twists and turns in e film were unexpected and I simply loooooved it.

I loved the movie. It was pretty entertaining and I hate people who say that the movie lacked logic. It is a Rajini movie for God’s sake, it is supposed to be entertaining not logical and it was just that. The 3 hours flied by like anything and overall it was a very impressive movie. The only problem I had was because of all the hype here I expected too much from the movie maybe even better than Baasha and that was slightly disappointing.

Vivek’s one-liners were good especially the one apparently aimed at Simbhu. Shreya looked gorgeous and did her part quite well actually. As usual, the man himself dominated more than anything. Rajini was awesome especially in the Style song which Prabhu Deva had choreographed beautifully.

I loved the sets on the Vaaji and Sahana songs and I heard Shankar spent about 30 crores on the songs alone.

My advice to people who have not yet watched the movie, don’t go expecting it to be another Baasha or something like that. Watch it for what it is, a Rajinikanth movie directed by Shankar and expect to be entertained for 3 hours and then some more and you will get your money’s worth.

“BOSS” ~ Bachelor OSocial Service

The recollection of happiness
June 9, 2007, 6:45 pm
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I don’t think I had so much laughter with a group of girls in years. Yes, I did back in Secondary school. And again it was great getting back with the girls and recollecting the past. Hmm…I miss my secondary school days. Loads. To think of all our acts in the past, it did make us burst into laughs. LOL. Things which we took seriously in the past now seemed to the greatest JOKE ever.

A good friend is the one who brings a smile to ur face. I’m therefore gifted to have such wonderful girlfriends in my life. They have always cared for me and even rescued me from great dangers.There’s nothing more important than a group of good friends. As we move on, no one is lost,our group simply extends.

We have grown a lot and have our own lives now. We no longer have the time we used to spend together, but this short gatherings really makes the days in my life even more blessed.

Thanks the wonderful Saturday afternoon girls! [**winkZzZ**]

Kenny…it’s ur BIRTHDAY!
June 8, 2007, 9:13 pm
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Our mentor

My girls don’t wanna see me!!

Hrmm…I see someone hiding!

The left

It’s my friends’ Faza’s & Latha’s birthday today as well. Birthday wishes guys!!

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( null, outputMessage)
June 7, 2007, 5:45 pm
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public class SurfaceAreaOfSphere {
 public static void main (String args[]) {

String Radius, String SurfaceAreaOfSphere, outputMessage ;
  int Radius;

Radius = JOptionPane.showInputDialog ( “Enter the radius of the sphere” );

SurfaceAreaOfSphere = Integer.parseInt ((4) * (Math.PI) * (Math.pow((Radius),2)));

outputMessage = “Radius of sphere = “ + Radius + “Surface area of sphere is = “ + SurfaceAreaOfSphere;

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( null, outputMessage);

System.exit(0); //terminate GUI thread

} // end main

} // end class

Wondering what was that all about? Some of my buddies should know what that unhumanly language was all about. Java. The above code is used in programming to find the “surface area of a sphere”. [However, there are some errors in it…so you can’t run the application] GgGgrRrRRRr. I just finished my OOP test and the answer [above] didn’t seem to be right. Fortunately, I only had one error. Java is something like Accounts. Even if your balance sheet doesn’t balance, you will still be able to get an ‘A’. So, I hope that there were only minor errors so that I could at least score a ‘B’.

Earlier today, I received my Database Fundamentals [DF] test results. This was one test which I told myself; “Now…that’s gonna be a F or at least a D!” But I was graded an A. Did I just mention that I scored an ‘A’ for DF? WELL YES!!!!! YEAH!

Now, my OOP test results shall botter me for the next 3 weeks! [**Sob…Sob**]

Sis…this is for you…
June 5, 2007, 9:56 pm
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Happy 24th birthday JieJie! Love ya loads & always remember that I’ll always be there for you! Take care sis!

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