We won???
January 31, 2007, 4:45 pm
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Hrmm….what the hell just happened in today’s ASEAN football championship? I didn’t have time to watch the match so I am now waiting for the news in CNN. Nisha was supporting Thailand and was telling me that the referee from Malaysia was totally biased. Com’on I think Thailand needs a serious “life”. Couln’t they just shut up and play but to only PROTEST? AaaArrRR. Whatever. My sis told me that there’s going to be a re-match in Bangkok this Sunday, but I’m not sure about it. Only after I watch the news I will be able to  understand what really happened and also see who was at fault. Whatever it be, I will always support the lions. I am nver patriotic. But I prefer the Lions to those Thailand players.

Ok, setting apart the football controversy, I shall now write about myself. The next 2 weeks are going to be exhausting. I have an inportant presentation & am also starting to work. YES. I found a job. 121 applications, 64 interviews & only one got the position. Hmmmmm. I think I am really worth something afterall. ***taps shoulder*** I was prodly telling my friends that I will not get the job, but it happened to be the other way round. It is really funny how our preconcieved ideas are so so so so…different from reality. I am actually damn nervous about my 1st day at job tomorrow. A new anxiety is actually eating at my soul. Let’s see how my day tomorrow as a marketing trainee in Charlton Media Group is going to be like. ***Keeps fingers, arms and toes crossed***

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Chicken Curry RuleZzZ
January 30, 2007, 11:24 am
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Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty has emerged as the big winner in the much-talked about Channel 4 reality show Celebrity Big Brother.

Shilpa – who shot into international limelight after being racially ‘victimised’ on Prime Time television – won the show with an overwhelming 63 per cent of public votes going in her favour.

Shilpa won the public’s support after fellow contestants – British actor Jade Goody and model Danielle Lloyd – and hurled racially tinged insults at her in an episode that led anti-racism petitioners worldwide to file a record 40,000 complaints to the British media regulator Ofcom.

The A-list Bollywood actor now takes home a prize money of £100,000 apart from big-ticket endorsements, jewellery and a chance to anchor a cricket show among others.

I sure have to agree with the consensus that Shilpa now has earned the fame & limelight just is a weeks which she had not achieved in the past 14 years of her career as an actress.

I finally found a better web blog
January 23, 2007, 11:30 am
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I had been always having problems in my blogger. Now there’s a new problem. I now can’t log into my blogger. Aarrrr. So far, I find wordpress interesting. Even some of my friends are switching to wordpress. I am just happy that, I now can upload pictures. Yeah.

 Nisha just came home and with a good news. Loyang Sec won in the Arena again. Now they are amongst the TOP 4. I just wish them luck.

Today’s debate: “Don’t try to be funny! Our Society does not encourage a sense of HUMOUR.”
I totally disagree!!

It’s only 7.12p.m, but I already know who won because the team which won today (Xin Ming Sec) lost to Loyang in the quarter finals.

Loyang was never good in Tamil debate. I am proud that it’s at least good in English debate.

Not only is Loyang good in English debate, it’s also good in Maths. I am talking about Mr.Elmi. Nisha’s Maths teacher. 4A1 is the only class which he teaches Maths. MOE is astoninshed by the class’s vast improvement in Mathematics. Hence Mediacorp is filming his Maths lesson in Tao Nan School to tomorrow. Since Loyang doesn’t has much facilities, they are filming it in that school in Marine Parade.

Hello World…
January 10, 2007, 10:00 am
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I’ve finally changed my blog. I’m never good in editing my blogskins, hence have switched to wordpress. Now I no longer need to change my blogskin. I’ll stick with what I have in here. Not only that, I can never upload pictures in my blogger. Everytime I want to upload a picture, there’s a problem. Let’s see how Worpress works out.